Thursday, July 15, 2010

Be happy! Its what Jesus would do.

A phone call telling you a loved one has passed away is never a way to start a day.  Especially when the passing was unexpected and an absolute tragedy.  Today has been an awful mix of emotions as the details have unfolded and I have slowly come to grips with the fact that Brittni is gone.  Through the day I have realized quite a few things about my own testimony, and I am so grateful for the knowledge of plan of salvation.  

I have always known that the Lord has a plan for each and every one of us individually.  I have always known that if we were willing to live in a manner befitting of a child of God that he would make this plan known to us.  As I have thought about the way that Brittni lived her life and loved others, there is no doubt in my mind that she was aware of the plan that Heavenly Father had put forth for her.  

Words cannot express my sorrow for the loss of the most Christ-like person I have ever met, but I can tell you this.  Without a doubt I know that God lives, the Jesus is the Christ, the Savior of the world and that His atonement made it possible for us to be saved from the permanent separation of God.  Just a few weeks ago Brittni lent me a book called 'The Continous Atonement' which talks about our ability to do all we can and that the difference will be made up by the Savior.  I know that this is true, that I can be redeemed again and again because of the sacrifice of the blood of Christ, once for all (see Hebrews 10).  But I especially know that they loved us so much that God and His son have provided a way for us to return to them, that there is a plan and that if we are faithful, we can enjoy all the blessings that have been prepared for us.

So as Brittni would say, don't be a sissy lala.  We all have struggles, but its about the climb.  Look for the JOY in life, not the sorrows.  Look for reasons to be grateful and not reasons to complain.  Be close to God in word AND deed and if God can't come to you, go to Him.  Walk in His valleys, climb His mountains, and then be still and KNOW that He is God.  He is in control and if we put our trust in Him, though bad things happen, we can be happy knowing that it is His way of reminding us that we are alive.  And being alive is something to be grateful for.  Life is too short to whine.

To my dear Brittni, know that I am eternally grateful to your example of love and kindness.  I will never forget you, and next year, I will run the full Mayor's Marathon.  And I'll be doing it with you, just like we planned.