Monday, June 6, 2011

Big Kid Pants

This post is about three weeks overdue, but I have been busy, alright?!?

The story:

I got a phone call while subbing a few weeks ago.  Like any good little sub I waited until passing period to listen to the message.  It was from a secretary at a high school in another district asking if I was available for an interview for a Spanish teaching position.  You better believe the next hour until school was out and I could call her back were excruciating. (read: I was literally counting down minutes and pushing kids out of classrooms so that I could call these people back.)

The second that beautiful bell rang at 2:45 pm (which in real time is about 2:53 because the ring the last bell manually and it NEVER EVER EVER EVER rings ontime) I was on that phone as fast as you could say Lightning McQueen in order to get that interview.  It went straight to voicemail, so I did what every self respecting job seeker would do.  I called three more times in a matter of three minutes.  Finally, I left a message in the hopes that I would hear back before the next century.  (Leaving messages is about the least affective way to get a job interview, FYI)

I plugged my phone into my car stereo and got on the road.  Imagine my surprise when my ringtone went off through my car speakers.  I looked at the number and then wretched the phone out of the connecter as quickly as humanly possible.  This is what ensued:

Me: Hello.
Secretary:  May I speak with Jody please.
(Country music starts to play through my ear piece)
Me: This is you hear that?
Secretary: Hello?
Me: (More to myself than anyone else) Where is that coming from?
Secretary: (With a bit of a raised voice) I'm calling about an interview for a Spanish Teaching position.
Me: Hold...on...I can't...(Pulling the phone away from my face I realize that my iphone has tried to ibomb this phonecall with some itunes music. I frantically turn it off)
Secretary: Are you there? (sounding a little bit exasperated and annoyed)
Me: Yes, sorry, I am having some technical difficulties. yes I would love to come in!

The rest is boring. but I was about to DIE! I was so embarassed and thought I had blown in before I even went in.

I went home that night a googled the school and found out that guess what.
Did you guess?
Have you guessed yet?
You aren't guessing.


I'm not gonna lie, this made the school about a million times more attractive to me.  Then I started researching the school and it is really awesome, was just remodeled, and just seemed to really be on the same page as me as far as teaching beliefs and such.  I was really excited to get in there.

So I walk in and the first thing the principal asks me is, 'So, what congregation do you belong to?' Haha, only in Texas would that be an alright question to ask.  Turns out his brother is a member and we talk for a bit about that.  The rest of the interview was really amazing actually.  It was a chat with a bunch of people about education.  After about 30 minutes, (during which we all laughed quite a bit) the principal leans back and his chair and says.  'You're a risk, and I don't say that in a bad way.  You don't have much experience, but everybody needs to start somewhere.  You have a lot of energy and enthusiasm.  I like that.  We are very interested in hiring you.'  This is the part where I almost pee my pants.

Just one week later they offered me the job.


So starting next year, I am the newest teacher at CYPRESS CREEK HIGH SCHOOL, home of the...

Could it be any more perfect?  I think not.

But I would have blamed country music if I didn't get the job. Just sayin.