Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TMFH: Auto Repairs

I am not your average girl.  I know how to:

Check/Fill my oil
Check/Fill my windshield washer fluid
Clean my engine
Change my head lights
Install a stereo
Change windshield wiper
Fill my tire with air
Clean it like its going out of style


You better know what a strut is, because when I take my car in to get an oil change and they try to talk me into $1,000 worth of repairs, you are going to be my phone a friend life line.


  1. HA that was me!

  2. I found your blog off someone else's and I adore you! I loved reading about your running and struggles because I feel so similar. When I run I hear, "I hate this! I hate this!" haha...but I try to go on. I love your perspective! I too am a substitute teacher and love it! I'm in a high school in socal. Best of luck to you in everything!

  3. I meant to comment back, but that you anonymous! You are great! Us subs need to stick together!! Best of luck to YOU!