Monday, September 28, 2009

CSU comes to Provo

So I am a pretty big BYU football fan.  I go to all the home games, I watch all the away games, and I enjoy doing it.  This weekend was a very unique experience for me.  CSU (where Steve goes to school) came and played against BYU.  Steven and I have been talking about this game since August when I visited CSU campus and it has been a big deal for us.  We even bet on it.

I sat in my seats for the first half of the game with one of Steven's friends who is a BYU fanatic.  It was fun, but for the second half, I sat with Steven and his friends in the CSU section. Now for a year and a half on my mission I heard the most ridiculous things about mormonism and was able to shrug it off as arrogance or ignorance.  In those minutes that I was in the section, I heard things that I have never heard and things that are so ABSOLUTELY absurd...I was pretty upset.

It made me grateful I go to BYU.  I don't claim that we are more highly favored by God because 95% of us are LDS or anything like that, but I am glad that it isn't socially acceptable to show up at a football game completely wasted and say absolutely HORRIBLE things about people they don't even know or a religion they don't understand at all.

It was great that we won.  Steven had to wear a BYU shirt to school today. I'm pretty sure he didn't do it, but regardless, I know I won! :)

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