Thursday, September 10, 2009

Missionary Moments

I don't know what it is about my life, but I always have these experiences that remind me how much I love missionary work and how necessary it is for me to remain active in missionary type activities.

On friday I randomly was on MSN Messenger, something that I do not do very often. While on, I started chatting with a boy who's family we worked with on my mission.  His family has been inactive for a while and he told me he was going to a different church and that the church wasn't true.  We had a good chat and I ended up teaching him the first lesson over chat, which isn't the most spiritual place on the planet, but he did commit to reading the scriptures and praying.

It is hard for me to see people I love struggle so much.  I don't know why my personality causes me to suffer so much in watching others fall away.  The good thing is that every time I have these experiences I am reminded at how much I love the church and am grateful for my testimony.

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