Thursday, November 5, 2009

Saints and Songs, Pioneers and Pilgrimages

Last night I had a night class that let me out at a little before nine o'clock.  I left class with a few friends but one by one we parted our separate ways.  I was parked at the Marriot Center and I was coming from the McKay Building so I had quite the walk.  As I strolled, rather non-chalantly, the bell tower rang the familiar chime, 'Come Come Ye Saints' signifying the arrival of nine p.m.  As I continued to walk to my car, I started to hum the tune to myself, and then, like normal, began to sing the words quietly.  There were no cars on the road, no one around, and suddenly the power of that hymn and its application to MY life struck me.  I always think of the pioneers when I sing that song, but at this moment, it wasn't about the plains, or the persecution.  It was about my own personal pilgrimage, my own struggles, and the promises that the Lord has in store for me.

Come, ye saints, no toil nor labor fear
But with joy wend your way.

I could hear Heavenly Father beaconing me to carry on, through the hard steps, the unexpected turns and the hard work.  I knew that he wanted me to be happy, that this was all part of His plan.

Though hard to you, this journey may appear
Grace shall be as your day.

I knew it wasn't supposed to be easy.  I knew that the tough decisions and experiences that I have faced especially in the last few years were all with purpose and that eventually grace would supply a way for all His promises to be completed.

Tis better far for us to strive
Our useless cares from us to drive
Do this and JOY your hearts will swell,
All is well!  All is well!

Its been rough, I have felt like I couldn't go on.  But yesterday, Heavenly Father reminded me that I am his daughter, He loves me, and the things that are for my good will come to me. In HIS due time, and on HIS schedule.

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