Monday, March 29, 2010

A little laugh

I have plenty to say about going to Houston, but I will save that for a serious blog post.

Knowing that there are people in my ward who read this blog, I am still going to share this hilarious situation.  If you know who I'm talking about...just be a pal and don't tell!

So at the beginning of February, I went on a date with a guy in my ward.  To say the least it was...pretty awkward (lets just say I got pushed up against a wall in an effort on his part to seduce me.)  Anyways, we never went out again, though a few weeks ago he sat next to me in church, and proceeded to put his arm around me and rub my arm.  It was as if we were dating.  But we weren't.  I believe that was the last time that I really spoke with him.

This morning in ward council he announced that he was engaged.  To a girl.  He has supposedly been dating for three months. I laughed

You do the math. :)


  1. i'm not very good at math (or directions...) and even i know that this is ridiculous :)

  2. His poor fiance-if he really is engaged?

  3. Oh my gosh... his "fiance" is either oblivious, or equally reprehensible. Either way, you dodged a bullet by severing all ties right off the bat.

  4. don't get me started on this, it was more like 3 movies they watched together 2 of which he tried to watch an hd-dvd in the blu ray player

  5. um...I was sitting next to someone when he made that comment and he said to me "Something's fishy...i don't believe he's really engaged..." Sure enough, after elder's quorum, my friend came up to me and was like "remember how I didn't believe he was engaged?'s not true...he's not.."

    Lol...not sure how to take that one, but that is QUITE funny...=)