Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Lord will provide a way

I love when things just work out.

So another thing that Elder Costa talked about was giving references to the missionaries.  He actually did it in a really funny slightly rebuking manner.  He asked everyone who had served a mission to raise their hand.  And then he asked us to think about what we had always wished for from the members when we were missionaries.  We of course said references.  Then he said, Well guess what, you ARE the members now! haha I laughed.  I set a goal to give the missionaries one reference a month.

Last week I was asked to give a talk on Elder Eyring's talk from general conference.  He spoke on listening to the words of conference and then immediately going and doing.  When preparing the talk I thought back to Elder Costa's invitation for us to give references to the missionaries.  I have been talking with a co-worker about the church and he even agreed to come with me the week after next, so I figured that could be my reference for the month.

Well today my roommate and I were waiting for the maintenance man to show up.  When he did I realized that I had talked to him a few weeks ago.  I had been walking to my front door and he and another man were hosing off the roof.  I asked in Spanish if they would kindly not get me wet.  They laughed and then were impressed that I spoke Spanish. A week after that he saw me and said hello in Spanish so we chatted for a while that day too.  Anyways, he walked in and helped us fix some lights.  As he got down from the ladder I said, in Spanish, 'And God said, let there be light, and there was light and it was good.'

Carlos laughed and started talking to me about the bible, which sparked a 30 minute conversation about the priesthood and authority and why churches teach correct principles but were lacking the most important things.  It was awesome.  I was amazed at how Heavenly Father had prepared me that week.  I had been reading in my Spanish scriptures, so they were sitting right there on the table.  I just loved it.  I could see though that it was going to take more than just me to speak to him, so I found the courage to just say, 'I have two missionary friends who would love to talk to you about this.  I'll even come with them.  Carlos, what is your phone number so that we can call you?'  I braced myself for the worst, and surprisingly, he gave me his phone number.

As I was leaving my apartment that night, he was working outside another apartment and he asked me when we were going to come.  I told him that the missionaries would be calling him.  It was just awesome.

So in case you were wondering, if you make it a goal to give at least one reference a month to the missionaries, you should be prepared for them to walk right into your house, fix your lights and then practically beg you to teach them.

Just so you know.

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  1. Jody, that is so incredible. And it is so true that the Lord will guide people to you when you set missionary goals. It's like we come home from the mission and forget that. Or perhaps I've just been living in Utah too long. I know there are missionary opportunities here too, though. So, I guess I need to get off my rump and follow your example. Thanks, girl!