Tuesday, February 28, 2012

At the risk of an Overshare

I will withhold names at this time, but I had to share this...

Cute boy: Spaghetti or Steak?
Me: Either, unless I'm wearing white, in which case steak.  Is there a point to this question?
Cute boy: I want to get to know my woman! :) If you had to wear one color for a year, which would you wear, blue or green?
Me: Green, and I will punch you. (yes I am so loving, I know)
Cute boy: What?  Now what?
Me: Haha, You can call me your girl, your love and a whole host of other things, but your old lady, your woman and the old ball and chain are not allowed.
Cute boy: What?  Hows that any different than you calling me your man?
Me: I don't call you that.
Cute boy: Oh.  Well okay then.

I repeat, so happy.


  1. Cracking up... I love this conversation. Kudos to 'Cute boy' and a cute girl. :)