Friday, January 29, 2010


I am sitting here eating left over birthday cake and I just had to share a few absolutely random experiences I have had in the last 24 hours.

Scenario #1
I went to my Floral Design lab yesterday.  The class it awesome. Don't judge me.  One of the T.A.s was talking to one of three guys in the class and the following conversation ensued:

T.A.: I should set you up with my sister.
Guy: Does she like vegetables?

REALLY??  I feel like someone should teach him how to date.  Because the first question should have been something about personality or attractiveness.  Not eating habits.

Scenario #2
I am in a Country Dance class on Thursday nights.  The class is fun.  Don't judge me.  My friend Lisa and her boyfriend are also in said class.  I was eating a cookie and had crumbs on my face.  Lisa brushed them off.  The following conversation ensued:

Lisa: You got a little somethin right there.
Clauson (Lisa's boyfriend): Yeah she does that to me all the time.
Me: Lisa rubs her hands all over your face all the time
Lisa: Oh yeah.
Me: I can only imagine. 'Here honey, let me rub my hands all over you.'
Random Boy: Wow, I came in that conversation at a weird point. It sounds interesting though.  We didn't get to dance together today, but I'm free Saturday night if you want to rub your hands all over me.

Yup.  He said that.  Almost word for word.

Scenario #3
A friend of mine invited me over to have waffles at his place.  I went and chatted it up with a guy I had met at my birthday fiesta on Monday.  The guy was cute, we talked for quite a while. As he was leaving, this happened.

Cute guy: It was nice seeing you again, we should definitely hang out more.
Me: Yeah for sure!
Cute guy: (stares at my phone for a few seconds as if he was deciding to ask for my number but doesn't and then leaves the room.  He goes upstairs, comes back down, awkwardly looks at me again, and then leaves.)

Mormon boys...learn to ask for girls numbers. Le f'real.

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