Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My phone has a cruel sense of humor

So...I put people on my speed dial.  They are important.  I call them a lot.  I like being able to hold down a button and boom they are there! It is easier than memorizing their number, or scrolling through my address book and finding them... especially if I can't remember how I spelled their name when I put it into my phone.  The joys of modern technology are so wonderful.  I have a phone that I can carry with me ANYWHERE! I can call anyone I want, anywhere I want, at any time.  I went to Canada, and my phone worked there! AMAZING!

Of course, that is, until my phone decides to randomly pocket dial people...More specifically call ex-boyfriends who I just haven't gotten around to taking off of my speed dial.

Today as I was talking to my best friend about her adventures in Peru, my cheek somehow called 'The Cowboy'...twice.  Its not that big of a deal because we are still friends after our one month stint as an official couple, except for the fact that he made a point to tell me last night that most girls like the summer time 'Cowboy' and invited me to go hiking and camping with him as soon as it was warm enough. (We broke up because I couldn't spend another weekend on his couch watching sports).  He called me back and asked what was up...I informed him of my cheek's desire to call him, we had a wonderful awkward conversation.

The Friday before my birthday, a few friends and I got together, dressed up in 80's garb, and went roller skating.  Yeah, I know, we are cool.  On the way there, we were getting into the 80s mood and so I put on my favorite song from my blessed childhood, 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' by Whitney Houston.  Picture this: 5 20 something girls in a car, dressed up, headed to go roller skating.  Needless to say we were singing the song at the top of our lungs.  I got out of the car...only to realize that as we were driving my phone had dialed Steven, my ex from this summer who dumped me because I wanted to help him find his testimony, and he was more comfortable dating his ex-girlfriend who would let him be whoever.  I got a text from him asking me if I meant to leave a song on his machine...I didn't.

It happened again as I left class last week and again on Sunday. I took him off my speed dial.


  1. Am I still on your speed dial? Haha.

  2. you know you can lock the keys so this sort of thing doesn't happen right?