Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is it me??

Or is Zumba not the work out that everyone claims it is?? I went tonight, more than anything just to have break from running every night, and though it was fun, it was not that great of a work out.  I mean, I sweat, but not like I sweat when I am killing myself on a tredmill.  Am I missing something?  Are my hips not fly like J Lo? Do I drop it like its hot? I just SO in shape now with all the running that an hour long dance party doesn't wind me.  The answer to all of these is YES... (Except my hips really are fly like J Los...actually they are flier, cuz I'm white and dancing isn't inherent.)

I am getting more excited about this half marathon in April. Every time I tell people about it, they give me one of two responses. Response 1) Wow! I could never do that, you are awesome! (I am not awesome, the only reason I finished my first half was because my dad was there with me to make sure I finished it. Don't believe me?  Readmy half marathon post here.Response 2) You are an idiot.  Who would ever subject themselves to such torture?

Well, the answer to that is that I subject myself to such torture.  I don't know if I have ever said this, but I absolutely love the feeling I get after running.  I hate everything about running except that feeling.  While I am running, I constantly wonder why it was I decided to go and try to convince myself I should stop and turn around, but when I get home after running, I love how I feel.  I heard a high council speaker once talk about how our bodies are the figurative cars in life, and that our spirits are the drivers.  He then talked about how we should never let our cars determine where our drivers were going to go, that is not our roles.  We have to let our spirits BE the drivers.  This is how I feel about running.  I run, and I run hard because my SPIRIT is going to drive my BODY.  Not the other way around.  Its the whole mind over matter thing.

But more than that, I feel like as I begin to master this mortal body, I feel closer to God.  I know, that sounds ridiculous, but it is true.  As I learn to control myself, my habits, my actions, I feel like the natural man melts away, a little at a time.  It is said that Heavenly Father knows who we need to become and what we need to go through to get there.  Well, I feel like that is why He has inspired me to run.  So I run.  As much as I hate it I run because I know that spiritually, physically, emotionally, it is making me who I need to be, and I WANT to be who God wants me to be.  Does that make sense?


  1. I dig it. I like that analogy. My friend wrote something similar.

    "God gave us bodies that require maintenance: excercise, good nutrition, hygiene, and caution. Learning to care for our bodies teaches us how to care for our spirits. We exercise our spirits by doing the things that we know we should do. We nourisn our spirits by studying God's words and by praying. Spritual hygiene involves careful and honest introspection and frank conversation with God, asking Him to forgive us when we fall short. And we should be careful to avoid wounding out spirits through sin."

    Good insight all around.

  2. you're amazing and i totally know how you feel about the nature man being curbed when we're taking care of ourselves...

    oh, i don't feel like a get work out from zumba either... idk what the deal is...