Thursday, April 2, 2009

The never ending workshop...

I really feel badly about how hard this group is for me to relate to...

Today´s mock interviews were pretty random. Well, the interviews themselves were normal, but we have a man in our workshop this week that felt the need to tell each woman what they needed to change about their appearance in order to better their interview...and the funny thing is, he is not that sharp of a dresser at all. He told them what colors to wear and not to wear and even after we specifically told him several times that we were focusing on the nervous tendencies and responses to the questions, he still kept making comments about their hair, makeup and other such things.

After work Sarah and I went with Antonio to this aquarium...It was supposed to be fun, but it was pretty lame. We did get to hold some parakeets which was awesome. Then we watched most of the Chile Uruguay game. Uruguay is known to be a really agressive team, so it was intense. They tied, even with Chile getting a red card and playing one man short for the last quarter of the game. Yeah, they are awesome.

I was trying to take a picture of this one fish that had just been sitting there looking at me, but of course when I pulled out my camera it swam away.

The whole no flash thing makes taking pictures quite complicated...

Sarah was the first to brave holding the birds. She is gonna be a great mom! :)

I think I was trying to kiss it...I don´t really remember.

Antonio was actually quite scared of the birds and quickly returned them after the picture was taken.


  1. Wow Jodi you look HOT! I am excited to keep up on your blog, I didn't know you were in Chile, how fun! How long do you plan on living there?

  2. I am actually almost done. I am on an internship, so I have been here for 3 months. My dad and I are headed down to visit my mission next week and then I am home, but I will be back in November and perhaps another longterm trip is in the future. How are you??