Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A really great last FHE and the first day of the last workshop...

Tonight we went to our last FHE with the senior missionaries down here. The missionaries are serving in many different capacities here in Santiago, either with church administration, church health for the missionaries, temple missions or serving in mission offices. They have been some of our favorite people here and have taught us some amazing things. Tonight, the Leavitts were in charge and they decided to ask a few people to share significant experiences that were had around conference and how people prepare. They asked Sarah and I to share one from our lives and I shared my experience last conference. I was amazed as I talked about how I had been struggling and then how I felt as I heard Elder Cook´s talk ´Hope Ya Know We Had a Hard Time´ at how far I have come in just these six months. The Lord has been so good to me. I was also absolutely amazed at these wonderful missionaries, their faith, and all that they had been through in their lives. It was really the best last FHE.

In other news, I have some pictures!! I bought this cool little gadget that you can put your SD card in and it has a USB plug in, so here you go!!

A picture I am quite proud of of the temple...Amazing I know.

This is our workshop group from last week. Me, Daniel, David Andres, David, Jorge, Patricia, Andrea, Maria and Sarah.

Nell and our friend Ivan on the bus to San Jose de Maipo

Ivan working his negotiation magic to get us a private ride back to the city for about a dollar more and we got to stay longer too!

Ivan. :)

Sarah and Nell at the ranger station. Sarah looks so cute here :)

I am aware that it appears I took a lot of pictures of Ivan...I don´t know why.

All my single ladies! Ha ha these are the women of the hike. Daniella, me, Pancha, Sarah and Nell

And our fearless leaders. Nico, Ivan and Victor.

The fellowship of the hike. ha ha

Us white girls stickin together.

This sign says Rock Sanctuary...I thought it was kinda funny. How hard could the life of a rock be??

This is me about halfway up feeling really great about life. It was hot, but I had hiked 4k without dying.

Lunch break at the lagoon about 2k from the glacier.

And we made it.

Nell and I had just discussed how happy we were and decided to photo document it. I love Chile!

Um...the sign...

The view looking back as we hiked down.

My workshop from last week. Me, Gabriel, Marina, Victor, Christopher, David, Cristian, Nadia, Jorge and

Antonio´s dad cookin up some chicken while the lamb is roasting.

Me and Antonio behind roasting lamb.

Antonio´s dad attempting to take a picture while his crazy uncle tries to push me in the pool with all my clothes on...Nice.

The lamb roast.

Today we started our last workshop...We have 11 alumnos which is exciting, though we already know we are losing one so we are hoping to finish with ten. It was kind of a struggle today, they aren´t like any of our other groups so it was different. We have way more adults than PEF students which is interesting, but for some odd reason, they think they are the exception to the rule and that they don´t need to do anything to get a job, so we´ll see if their attitude changes...

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