Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So you don´t forget what I look like :)

Here are some pictures from my recent adventure in Peru. Some of the pictures are out of order, but they are pretty cool I think!

Hill and I in the car right after getting off the airplane in Tacna
Some amazing desert pictures

So they put these little catus like plants on hill sides in forms to advertize for things. Cool huh?

Some more desert.

A very strange fruit that looked like cotton on the inside and had a strange consistancy, but was SO good...I wish I could remember the name...

The inside of said fruit.

This is what happens when I fall asleep because I am so tired from a night without sleep on airplanes.

Yup, I was that tired.

Hillary with one of her converts. She just sobbed when we left and kept saying, ´Don´t go Sister Lowe.´It was so cute.

This is the entrance to Arequipa...Its missing the a.

People working in the fields. This was intriguing to me for some odd reason.

Susan driving, these pictures are out of order, this was on the drive from Tacna to Arequipa.

This is us in the car at 4 a.m. heading to Juliaca...I was relatively awake.
Hillary on the other hand...

This is a beatiful lagoon that we drove past. There were flamingos, but we didn´t see them until we had already gotten back in the car.

A cool hut by said lagoon, I am quite proud of this picture.

This is the mist rolling off the highlands. Cool huh?

I spent half my trip trying to get a picture of these ladies in their typical garb. The teeny hat means she is married as well as the little one colored pom poms hanging from her hair.

The boats we road on out to los uros (the floating islands)

Yeah, we played sing along on the boat ride out, it was so fun!
View from the boat.

The look out tower from the island.

The island from the boat, this is the island that the talked about in conference called Apu Inti.

Gillermo, our guide and the husband of the first member on the island.

His mother in law doing her typical weaving stuff, it is SO cool!

Guillermo, his mother and law and his wife Alicia, she has a STRONG testimony!

And of course, us on the island. This is just a sample of the pics, but they are great!

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