Saturday, March 28, 2009

Only one workshop left?

Thursday was a wonderful end to my second to last workshop. I really can´t believe I will only do this one more time and then I will be done...Where has the time gone? I don´t really even know why it was so good, but there was just a good feeling behind it all and everyone ended really pumped and excited about the steps they were going to take to finding work. What I loved the most was that in the phone calls, every single one of them called a reference that had been given them by someone else in the workshop. They were really so great with eachother. After the workshop was over I helped several of them with making email accounts. (It baffles me that people still do n´t have email, but that is why I helped!) I also helped Victor, a recent convert, with a resume and then sending it with a letter of presentation. It was really funny because I could tell how much he had listened because he kept quoting me. I also helped a few women who had come in to the center to make some resumes. This was kind of interesting to me, because I think it is hard for people in general to talk about themselves. Society tells us that talking about our talents is prideful, so when it comes time to do make a resume it is hard for some. Others really don´t even recognize their abilities. I am really greatful for the opportunity to teach this workshop because it has taught me to see my abilities and also the areas that I need to work on. I am also grateful my parents taught me to work at a young age. I look at these fifty something women who come in and have literally NEVER worked in their lives and I am just amazed that women twice my age have no experience in the work force.

Yesterday I had a huge scare because I had misplaced my thumb drive. Since my computer is not currently working, it is the only copy I have of my work from this semester, so it was a little scary for me. I found it, sent in some homework, and worked on a few pending projects. I finished a book yesterday and started another. I still have three I need to read, but I am confident I will get it done before it is due.

Sarah went to Argentina, but because I have a lot of homework to do before my dad gets here next week, I ended up not going. Antonio invited me to an asado (barbeque) that his family was having, so I went. They roasted a lamb and when I say they roasted a lamb, I mean, it was a little lamb body without a head and the hooves cut off and skinned. It was the coolest thing ever! It takes about five hours to do, but oh man was it worth the wait. It was SO good. We watched the Colo Colo game on T.V. while we waited and I had fun visiting with his family. They kept teasing me because they couldn´t pronounce my name. I teased back that I had no problem saying theirs and that they just needed to practice mine. Antonio´s immediate family are members, but his aunt and uncle who´s house we are at aren´t. It was really funny because his cousin was talking to me and asked me how to say my last name. I told him and he repeated it almost perfectly. Then with the straightest face he said, ´Check it out, I have one drink and I can speak english.´ We busted up laughing.

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  1. Hilarious. His family sounds like great people. Enjoy your last few days! Can't wait to hear more.