Thursday, March 19, 2009

Second verse same as the first little bit louder and a little bit worse

Day two of this week´s workshop was a little frustrating today. We started almost twenty minutes late because no one was there until then, so we had no one to start teaching at the appointed starting time. Because we waited, we didn´t have as much time to do a lot of the activities and were kind of rushed. This coupled with the fact that they had a hard time with the power statements and actually writing things down instead of telling me that it was ´in their head´ made for a long day. By the time we got to the finishing time I was ready for a break! We didn´t get as far as we would have liked, but we still got a lot done.

The interviews today were interesting. We have two professionals and then a room full of not so experienced workers. It was almost a struggle to keep them on task because they would analize things to the point that the conversation would go in all sorts of crazy directions. The joys of being a teacher. On a good note, two of our alumnos have job interviews tomorrow. This means they won´t be in class, but they promised to stop by afterwards and let us know how it went, so we are excited to hear about it.

After work Sarah and I did divisions with the sisters and for the first time, we actually had lessons to teach with them. Ha ha, we usually do the temple grouds tours with them or walk around doing contacts, so it was exciting. The first lesson was to some investigators that I had met in the church. They come every once in a while and have been investigating for quite a long time. We sang Joseph Smith´s 1st Prayer (Hermana Webber has an amazing voice and we have plans to start a studio and do music in spanish together :) I love the power that hymns have. After that we did a new member lesson with their most recent convert a man named Manuel about the priesthood. He is really an amazing man and as we talked about him soon receiving the preisthood, he kept asking questions and essentially said, ´Are you sure I am ready for that big of a responsibility?´ I shared with him what President Monson said a few years back about callings, ´Whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies.´ and explained to him that even though we may not know everything, the Lord calls us and then gives us the attributes needed to complete with the calling if we are willing to do our part and trust in him. After that we taught a peruvian couple Andres and Janet about the Plan of Salvation. They have a little baby, and when we got there the baby was kind of fussy and so I was worried about the lesson, but as we taught, the baby sat quietly, giggled and smiled the whole time. Little children are sometimes so much closer to the spirit then we think.

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