Monday, March 2, 2009

I hate computers, but I love home cooked meals!

Saturday was a very interesting day. I did some homework and then we were invited to a wedding ´reception´ for a couple we didn´t know. The sister that invited us kept asking if we were going to come and so we felt obligated to go. When we got there we realized that we were two of about 15 people that were invited and the only ones who didn´t know the couple personally. We got there as they were leaving the temple and helped with taking pictures and what not. The sister, Hermana Norma, that invited us was quite impatient. I tried to explain to her that in America we take about 3 hours in taking pictures, but she wanted everything to be quick so we could get to the party part. Well we got to the party part and after everyone had eaten, they began singing songs and reciting poetry. At one point they asked us to sing a song, and I politely refused because nothing appropriate came to mind. Then they started playing a game which was hilarious called ´Pobre Gatito´or ´Poor Cat´ which requires one person to act like a cat and the object is to approach one of the other people and they have to pet the cat and the cat has to make them laugh by the things they do. Random for a wedding reception, but funny none the less.

I had rented a movie from Itunes, so we were headed back with our friend Nell to watch it. We had a good girl chat which was fun. When we got to the house, my computer froze, so I turned it off, and when I turned it back on, it wouldn´t turn on...I freaked out and called everyone and there dog to try and fix it. The computer has ALL of my work from the ENTIRE semester on it plus all my pictures and other things. I said a prayer and hoped for the best, but nothing worked. Finally I just went to bed absolutely sick to my stomach. I woke up really early and it still wouldn´t turn on. I layed back down and said another prayer pleading for my computer to work again. I accidentally fell back asleep and when I woke up I thought it was 9:30 (church starts at 10, it takes us about 25 minutes to walk there) so I walked into where Sarah was and turned on the computer thinking nothing would happen and POOF! It turned on. God answers prayers. :)

After sacrament meeting I hopped on a bus and headed to my companion, Hermana Monje´s house. I had lunch with she and her family and got to meet everyone! It was so much fun to be with a family on sunday and just hang out. We laughed, we played guitar, they all made fun of each other...I felt like I was at home!

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