Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another great day

I feel like my time left here in Chile is slipping by. I still have about five weeks including the time I will be down in my mission with MY DAD! WOOP WOOP I just found out he is coming and I am so excited about that. But I really have loved the past couple of days. It feels like I just got off the plane from Utah a few days ago and now, in a few weeks, I will be getting on that plane again, and maybe for the last time...

Today was awesome. I went into the office in the morning to get some homework done. I am one paper away from finishing two of my classes and then I just have my big research paper to get done before May 7th. While we were there, one of the missionaries that was in our ward that finished his mission last week came in with his parents and a convert so that she could get some help finding work. I had a great chat with his parents about the programs of the church and what not. They brought up a good point that here, people become very creative in t heir ways to earn money when they are out of work, whereas a lot of times in the states, people just go on welfare. I had never thought of it before. The thing that they don`t do here at all is plan for the future which is something I am not that great at doing but that I am trying to be better at seeing all the hurt that it causes families down here.

After homework I came home and read some more for one of my classes. My life is so interesting sometimes :)

Sarah got off work early and we went exploring down town a little. I had been to quite a few places, but she hadn`t so we walked around. I bought a really cool little Don Quijote figurine made out of nuts and bolts. It sounds really dumb, but it is really cool. I have started buying things to decorate my classroom with after I graduate. It sounds weird I know, but I want to have cool stuff to put on the walls, so I am trying to buy stuff like that now. Sarah got some cute stuff for her family too.

After that we went to an institute dance. This one was even better than the one I went to before I left for Peru. The place was JAM PACKED! We danced with our friend Gustavo most of the night and he saved us from some creepy guys. There was this guy that was dancing with our friend Natali that didn`t belive I was American until I spoke to him in English. I was having a lot of fun dancing and they said that they had never seen a white girl `tan suelto`or let loose basically. I laughed. When there is more people in the dances, it makes it less uncomfortable for me to have fun, so I was grateful for that. Gustavo invited us to a fireside on Sunday so we are going to try and go.

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