Thursday, March 26, 2009

Completely Wednesday

It appears that the processor in my computer is bad, which is why it appears to turn on, but doesn´t do anything. Gregory, the guy from my workshop, took out the memory and messed with it and came to this conclusion. He could be lying for all I know, but he appeared to know what he was doing so I am going to believe him. This means I will have no computer until I get it fixed in the states which = no pictures. I am going to try to find another way, but in the mean time, know that my face doesn´t change much from day to day. :) I have most of my work for this semester saved on a thumb drive, so I am safe for now.

Today´s workshop was great as usual. I lost three from yesterday. Two told me they wouldn´t be there and apparently the other one had some sort of transportation problem. The interviews were really good today and it was kind of neat to see how everyone reacted to certain situations. I am always amazed at who does well and who doesn´t in the interview process and what these blunt latin americans will say in the interview. I have this really funny Argentinian lady that in her interview straight up said she still wasn´t a legal chilean citizen...I told her she should probably not say that. When we got to the weakness part of the workshop, I noticed how well I was able to help them work on that. Normally I tell them that I don´t know them well enough to help them thi nk of a weakness, but today I was able to talk them through the process. Gotta love growing moments.

I went to the temple today after work. I had kind of an interesting experience and I have no clue what it means, but it almost felt like the first time I went to the temple. I called my older sister and we talked about it and I realized that I have not been this spiritually strong since I got home from my mission. This experience has helped me to get back into those good habits I made as a missionary and look for opportunities to serve and what not. I´m still not sure what to make of my feelings, but I am grateful none the less that the Lord still knows me. :)

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