Friday, March 13, 2009

Hold me closer Salsa Dancer!

I can't wait to explain the title.

Today was an AWESOME end to the workshop. We started with the phone calls and two of my workshop goers landed interviews. They were so excited and so was I. The spirit in the room was just so different from the way it had been on Tuesday when they got there. We had a really good time in the last few hours and I even ended a little early so that the two that had interviews could run home and get ready before they went. At the end of the workshop, each of them took the time to thank me personally, I got a big hug from each of them and I just felt SO great about how the workshop had turned out.

After the workshop, I stayed behind and helped one of my alumnos in making her very first resume. She was so cute but I had to pull some of the information out of her because she wasn't sure what to put down. It was fun to work with her one on one and know that this was a big deal. She came into the workshop today so excited because she had found two job offers that were specifically for LDS youth and she was just bursting with the possiblity to work there. I am excited to hear how it went.

After the workshop I went home and did homework. Part of that was doing an interview with one of the guys from our ward a guy named Victor. He is a thirty something that works in computer programming. It was really interesting to learn about how he got to be working in what he is working in and his views on Chile and politics and what not. I asked him about the economic crisis that is happening here in Chile (and everywhere else for that matter) and he said something extremely profound. He said that the church has always told us to not live beyond our means, to save up and to not have any debt, so he had always done that and even though his job hasn't been affected by the crisis, the raise in prices and costs hasn't affected him at all. What a faithful guy!

Okay, now comes the good part. Sarah and I went to salsa lessons tonight where that guy had invited me earlier. We got there about 10:30 because we were helping our friend Nell with her spanish homework. Nell and I had gone earlier but the lessons were starting later because there weren't enough men. While Nell and I waited the bartender made us each some alcoholic drink without asking us so we had to turn him down which was pretty funny. We looked for a place to secretly dump it, but there wasn't a plant in sight so we had to explain that we didn't drink alcohol. When Sarah and I got there they had just started and there was an exact number of girls and guys counting us. So we are dancing and practicing the steps and training our body to move in ways our american bodies have never moved before and then it was time to pair up. Well the closest man to me happened to be this 50 something old man who had had a few pisco sours in him. He was absolutely uncoordinated (which baffles me, shouldn't all Latin men know how to dance??) and kept trying to get me to tell him where we lived and when we were leaving. I just kept saying in this neighborhood and soon so he would leave me alone. The teacher, Jesus kept using me as an example which was embarassing considering there were a billion latin women who could dance way better than me, but we had SO much fun. Afterwards I thanked Jesus and he told me I danced really well, which was a lie, but coming from a good looking latin guy, I took the compliment. My creepy dance partner tried to get me to stay, but I ran out of there with Sarah as quick as we could. We are going to go back next week because they are going to have a live band!


  1. You should explain more about the chest moves... ;)

  2. You sexy Salsa least you know 50 year old men think so! :) I would love to be dance there with you and Nell. And I would love to hear about chest moves, too!

  3. Ha ha well there is a part of salsa where you have to push out your chest, and so we were practicing and I was getting into it and then he pointed me out saying I was doing a good job which made me so embarassed that I stopped dancing!