Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I don't know if I have mentioned this but there are two employment centers here in Santiago. We work in the main office and there is another one on the other side of town. Yesterday Sarah told me that our managers wanted us to take all of our alumnos from our center to the other one because there were ten people at the other center that were wanting to take the workshop. I thought that didn't make any sense since she and I could just split up, so we talked about it and then presented the idea to one of our managers. He was okay with it so we decided to split up with me staying in our center and Sarah going to the other one and then we are going to switch next week and I will go to Republica and she will stay here. We had 17 confirmed for our workshop so I was expecting about 12, well much to my surprise 19 showed up! Our little room was so full that it made it really hard to do some of the activities that we normally do, but either way we had a lot of fun. The group is really lively and they are all already friends which makes it a lot easier. They have helped eachother out and have just been good to eachother, so it is going to be fun to work with them. I met a few of them at a party I went to a few weekends ago, so that was kind of funny too. They remembered me and everything. Their is also a girl from Quebec that doesn´t speak spanish. Ha ha gotta love my life.

The workshop went really well except for a few minor glitches like my manager asking me to run home in the middle and get some bills that they needed. So I had to leave my class to run home and then run back. Awkward. I have a few jokesters, but for the most part it is really fun teaching this group, so I am loving it. I was left by myself in the office while teaching today too which was funny because I guess one of our volunteers was ringing the doorbell to get in and I did hear her so after 20 minutes my students said, ´I think someone is at the door.´The poor lady was so worried that something had happened. I felt bad!

My computer died again and then was brought back to life. I will have to get it fixed when I get to the states, for now I am saving everything to a jump drive and just hoping for the best. Oh technology.

I got most of my homework done for the week after work so that I can mail it off tomorrow and then fly peacefully to Peru on Thursday night. I AM SO STOKED TO SEE HILLARY!! It is gonna be awesome.

I went on a really long run tonight. I went a good ten more minutes beyond the 5.5k halfway mark, so I am estimating it was closer to 6.5-7k one way. I felt strong! It is so cool to be building stamina. The weather however is turning to fall like, which makes it a little bit harder to motivate myself to go running. But I am going to do it because I know I need to!

We watched the Secret Life of Bees tonight. It was so good!

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