Friday, March 20, 2009

I can´t believe I will only do this two more times...

Today I think it really hit me that in two more weeks this will all be over. I think this time leaving Chile will be harder than it was in the mission...I have been there for more low points and helped more people reach high points. I really can´t believe its almost over.

The last day of class was good. We had two people land jobs, one of them actually had several job offers and had to decide which one was going to be better for her. Several others had interviews and it just seemed to be a very successful day. I don´t know how to explain how great it feels to have our workshop attendees just throw their arms around me and thank me for the workshop. I am going to miss that more than anything.

Tonight I went to the temple for the first time in a few weeks. I think with all my planning for Peru I got caught up and I wasn´t on the ball, so it felt good to get there. I am always amazed as I sit through the session that different things stand out to me as if I had never seen or heard them before. What stood out to me most this time was the principle of being obediente as it pertains to the specific blessings we are seeking. It amazes me how sometimes I will pray and pray for something, only to realize that Heavenly Father can´t bless me with what I want because I am slacking in that exact area. As I make those small yet important changes I can always see that specific area opening up in my life. I read President Monson´s talk this afternoon about Joy in the Journey and one part really stood out to me that was also along these lines. He said that there are two parts to our lives, the things we have and the things we lack. If we focus on what we have and not what we don´t, it minimizes the feelings of inadequacy and maximizes the happiness and love we feel and show for others. What an amazing concept.

We stopped by the institute building on our way home since it is on the way and hung out with our buddies. It seems like just in the last few weeks we have been making more and more friends. What luck! Ha ha no matter, we are still grateful for the friends we have and the things we have been planning with them. It will be so strange to be gone...

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