Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm talkin bout good vibrations

It has been a good couple of days for me.

For starters, I turned 27 in 2011 (you have to say it twenty-eleven other wise it does not sound catchy).  My roommates threw me a birthday party, and I just love where I am right now in life.  Friday afternoon I left the middle school I substitute at three days a week, the air was warm, the sun was beginning to set, I had a party to get ready for and I just thought, 'Life is really good right now.'

Today, I was in the hallway ushering students to class, and some kids from another class I have been in before and started talking to me.  The fact that they remember my name warms my heart, and that they excitedly ask if I'm going to be in their class makes me even more happy.

K, a chattery, but lovable kid says to me, 'Miss Mac they be talkin' bout you, but I got your back.'
I responded, 'Who was talking about me K?'
K: 'You know (insert name of female student I had to remind to stop talking about a million times first period). '
Me: 'Oh yeah, I know her. What did she say?'
K: 'She said, "oooh that sub be gettin' up on my nerves!' So I told her, 'Girl, you better back up off Miss Mac.'
Me: (laughing) 'Well thanks K, I appreciate it.'

Cute, I know.

On Sunday, I found this note in my scriptures.  I wrote it when I first got here to Houston, but I feel like it is MORE true now than it was four months ago.

'This is not the path I thought I was going to be on, but I know it is where I am supposed to be.  I am grateful for a God whose wisdom leads me on journeys that make me stronger.  I am closer to Him because of the wisdom He possesses in putting me where I need to be, even if it is the last place I thought He'd want me.'

Love this life.

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