Monday, January 17, 2011

To My Future Husband

So I followTHIS cute blog.  I love every time one of this guy's posts show up on my google reader.  Its short, sweet and to the point.  So I decided that when ever I have those kinds of thoughts, that I am going to also just throw down little one-liners. I mean, my future husband should have SOME reference to what I am going to be like.  I will call them TMFH posts and always have the subject in the title line.

Today's TMFH: Charity

I will probably walk by the bell ringer during the holiday season.  I will do a million things, including pretending to text or call someone, to not make eye-contact with them.  But if we are stopped at a stop light, and someone is standing on the street corner asking for food, I will give them whatever I have in the car.  And yes, that includes your left-overs.


  1. I love this. and I think I just might have to start doing this lol.

  2. okay that guys blog is just adorable! happy I found yours :)

  3. I agree with emily.. i absolutely love this idea.