Monday, January 19, 2009

Ahh the weekend!

Well our first weekend was really nice. Saturday was a little errand day, we bought some things for the house, hung out and of course I did homework. I am trying to be really diligent in my school work because the LAST thing I want to be doing during the last few weeks of my time here is hurrying up with homework and what not. We´ll see how that all works out.

Sunday we went to church of course. We went to a different ward this week because we are under the understanding that it is the ward we are supposed to go to. There are a lot more young adults and they were closer to our age and a lot more friendly, so even if it isn´t our ward, we are going to go there. (We really can go to whatever ward we want because our records stay in the states so it doesn´t matter) We made friends with a few of the YSA and we all got together that night to watch the fireside from last week be rebroadcast in spanish.

We showed up with our two friends Pancha and Natali and NO ONE was at the church so we were a little worried that they weren´t going to rebroadcast it, but they did. It was funny though because our ward was the only ward that showed up for the rebroadcast, so we all sat in the first row, even though we had the whole chapel to ourselves. After that our friend Fernando offered to give us a ride back to where we lived which we of course accepted.

On our way home, their was an entire street blocked off and we heard there was going to be a big doll erected or some sort of show or something so we walked around because we wanted to be there for it. The show ended up being kind of lame, and quite dangerous. This man was lifted up on a crane all dressed in white with wings and then these people climbed down the side of this building. Then the ´flying man´got in this huge four wheeler thing which at one point was set on fire (Did I mention this huge four wheeler thing was in THE MIDDLE of the crowd and it was extremely dangerous and I was worried people would get burned or ran over) Then this huge hampster wheel full of people attached to the oversize four wheeler and they ran through the crowd. It looked a little like the running of the bulls with people trying to escape getting ran over. Then they advertized that the doll would be build next sunday (By birthday in case you forgot) All through this performance cheesy techno music was playing. We all laughed at how silly it was.

We are excited about our new friends. They all are bilingual (Fernando served his mission in Idaho, Natali´s family lives in Utah and she went to U of U for a year and Pancha has pretty much just taught herself) which is really nice because we can ask them all of our spanish questions. Last night we talked a lot about sayings and compared them in each language so we would know how to say things. It was really fun!

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  1. Don't worry...I almost guarantee you that you'll be hurrying up the last few weeks to get all of your homework done! Although "getting lost in the work", sometimes you find yourself lost from your homework!!! Okay, well, maybe that was just me, but, hey.....just be prepared!