Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Today´s workshop went SO MUCH better. With Hermano Nunez yesterday we joked about how the way we could tell whether or not our class was terrible yesterday was by how many showed back up the second day. Sarah and I were sure we would have at least three because the young men that are trying to get the Perpetual Education Fund HAD to be there, so we knew they would be. When we started off the class we had six people show up, but by the end of the first hour, all but the two peruvian ladies and one of our Hatian friends were there! SO GREAT!! Yoseline the non member showed up even though she was feeling REALLY sick. We were very excited to see everyone and see that we hadn´t done such a bad job that they didn´t want to come back.

We started with filming interviews which they all just loved...(yeah they weren´t such big fans, poor Yoseline looked like she was about to die the whole time) We had some interesting moments. We have an older uneducated man from Chile who talks a lot and while he was interviewing Jose (PEF applicant) instead of just reading the question, he was reading all of the directions. Jose reacted by laughing and wanting to start over, but like the mean slave driver I am I just told him to keep going. Pedro (The older Chilean man) was so funny in his interview. I don´t think he understands half of what we say, but he always leaves the class telling us that we are wonderful people and that he is very grateful for our service. Another funny moment was when Goodson (our Hatian friend) was interviewed it was obvious he didn´t understand a lot of the questions, and so right at the end of his interview he (in very broken spanish) said ´Yo no hablo espanish, no cachai´(Cachai is a chilean word which means understand pretty much) Everyone started laughing. After videoing the interviews we went through and everyone got to rate themselves and then the class gave them feedback. They were so wonderful to eachother and pointed out more good than bad. It was an awesome activity.

We then worked on what we call ´power statements´which are ways that they can answer questions in interviews highlighting their strengths and down playing their weaknesses. We finished off the class talking about phone calls and references and they went home to practice for the phone calls we are going to make to companies to get more information and try to get interviews if at all possible. They are a little nervous I can tell, but it was a good day!

Sarah and I had a really amazing talk with one of the Sister missionaries here in the center. We have two senior sisters that are serving here, they are both divorced and are just neat ladies. We talked about the temple and a lot of different things and Hermana Grahm told us a little about her story. She is such a wonderful lady and I think she will be blessed. I asked her if she had dated since her divorce and she said that she had been set up a few times, but that she had made a covenant to love her husband for eternity and that she felt like she needed to keep it. It was pretty cool.

Tonight we went with the sister missionaries and did divisions. I stayed with Hermana Weber and we did a tour with this young man Juan Carlos of the church building and the temple grounds. In Santiago they have the church offices of Chile, the MTC, the temple and the church building where we go all on the same property and it is an EXCELLENT way to be able to teach parts of the restoration, the plan of salvation, the gospel of Jesus Christ and about the temple. The spirit was so strong and Juan Carlos was so receptive. Unfortunately he lives in the West mission, but it was a really amazing experience to be able to help out. He told me I sounded like I had lived in Chile my whole life ;) I was excited about that.

I am really grateful we got to do that today. That is one thing that I always feel I´m missing at BYU, its so much harder to be in contact with missionary work, or maybe I just don´t seek it out. We are set to leave with the sisters every Wednesday night, so we are definately excited about that.

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