Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Monday Monday Monday

Normally Mondays are pretty busy, but today was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO slow. I spent most of the day calling people to remind them of the workshop starting tomorrow! We are REALLY nervous for our first day teaching, and we should have about 15 people there, so it should be full which is nice. We have talked a lot about what we are going to do, but we aren´t quite sure how its all gonna work out...

After work we went to FHE with all the senior missionaries from the West mission. I think that is going to become my most favorite part of the week. They are such amazing dedicated people and they just have so much fun together. This week the Waltons showed us pictures from their first mission in Quito Ecuador (Which was also Sarah´s mission and they even served in the same place so it was cool for her to get to see pictures of people and what not) I was overwhelmed by the dedication this couple has to serving and shed a few tears at the things they had to say. I miss being a missionary down here sometimes, but I am starting to recognize how what we are doing can be a huge missionary tool. We talked with the Sister missionaries on Sunday and they are going to send a few of their investigators our way so we are hoping to help drive the second nail in as they say to help them out. We are also going on splits with the sisters on Wednesday so that is exciting.

Sarah got her haircut after FHE, I went straight home to continue with homework and a few other things. I walked back a little ways with the McCowns (the elder´s parents that I know) and they are just so cute. All the senior couples are going out to dinner on Friday and they invited us. Sister McCown was so worried about me walking home alone, but I made it just fine.

When Sarah got home we planned our teaching for tomorrow. I don´t know how well we are going to do, but I am hoping that we make it through. I am really nervous, but I´m sure with the Lord´s help we´ll get by...

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