Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It´s My Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday. Another birthday in Chile can you believe it?? It was so nice to be here. Sunday we didn´t do much for my birthday, though the missionaries made me brownies, like the real kind which were amazing. I got to talk to my wonderful sisters and family and of course we went to church.

Today was another day of work. I think I am going to do full days Tuesday through Thursday and take Monday´s off because it is SO SLOW on Mondays and I could use that time for homework and what not. After work was over, the sisters here in the center threw me a birthday party. It was the coolest thing! (pictures coming soon) There is a sister here Hermana Lily who lived in the U.S. for a while, and she is the most giving person I have ever met. She organized the whole party, they had ice cream, cake and jello (which is randomly a very popular dish around here) and they all brought me presents. They were strange yes, but it was really neat to be with people who I could tell loved me so much and gave gifts of the heart. Hermana Lily came to me the other day and asked me if I liked her shoes. They were these very chilean sandal looking things and I said yes and then asked her where she had bought them, she said she wasn´t going to tell me which I thought was kind of random then. Well she bought me the exact same sandals so that I could have a pair. What a sweet heart! She is also hilarious. She was trying to pass a piece of cake to our manager, but she dropped it on the floor, then she looked me straight in the eyes and said SH** twice. We all started laughing SO hard.

After work and the party, Sarah and I skipped out on FHE and went to the store to buy food for the little birthday party we threw. I wasn´t sure how many and who was coming, but we ended up having quite a few friends show up which was great. We have been feeling a little friendless, but some friends from the mission, a few friends from our ward and some friends from our workshop last week came to hang out. They all made sure to invite us to a dance coming up this friday so we are excited. It was a great birthday! I promise to put pictures up tomorrow.

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