Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 6

Day 2 of our first workshop was AMAZING! Before everyone left yesterday Hermano Nunez told them to show up in the same clothes they would wear to an interview. THEY LOOKED AWESOME! They all just seemed so much more confident in themselves and it was a great thing to see. We started off the day by reviewing a little and seeing what everyone had remembered from the day before. They remembered quite a bit and I was surprised at how much had sunk in. A few brave souls gave their ´Me in 30 seconds´which is a nifty little tool we teach them to help them present themselves in an interview in a way that shows them they are amazing candidates for the job they are applying for.

After that we had a mock interview where everyone took their turn getting filmed while in an ´interview setting´ It was really fun and hermano Nunez even made me do an interview in spanish. Jesus, who interviewed me, (yeah that´s right I got interviewed by Jesus) spoke SO FAST so everyone got a good laugh out of me trying to decifer what he was saying to me. We then watched the interviews one by one and everyone gave feedback to the person. It was really good and I learned a lot about the things I do in interviews that work against me. At one point he asked me about a weakness, and I said the first thing that came to my mind, which was a total lie and wasn´t a weakness at all! They asked me later about it and I said I got nervous and had to say it because it popped into my brain! Everyone got a good laugh out of that. (For the record I said that I was ´too organized´which you all know is not true at all!)

When we were working on power statements (which is another interview tool we teach them) it was really neat to see everyone´s reaction to them. I heard one woman say, ´I can´t believe I never thought of this before, this is such a good thing to do!´ In all everyone seemed so much more confident and hopeful in attaining jobs...We´ll see how tomorrow goes when they actually have to make some phone calls and call potential employers!

I went home after the workshop because I had a ton of homework to do and I did a little. When Sarah got home, we went with my friend Eliaser to el Cerro San Cristobal, which is a hill in the middle of the city really close to where we live. You can get in these little tram lift thingies and they take you all the way up to the top of this hill where there is a HUGE virgin Mary and it overlooks the entire city of Santiago. Let me just tell you it was BEAUTIFUL! I loved it.

So this is what we rode up the hill in. It was a little scary and I was a little worried, but we made it just fine!

This is me in the little cart thingy and of course that is Santiago behind me. The city is HUGE!

This is Eliaser. He was in my first district in the mission for 3 transfers and was my zone leader for the last 3 transfers and we ended the mission together. He is slowly becoming our local tour guide.

This is me up at the top of the second hill! The view was AMAZING! It is so crazy how the city just kind of disappears into the distance.


  1. Jody! I miss you girl! I love your blog, thank you for updating the world on your life. Hope your having a great day. --I'm actually taking a sick day today, it has been nice to relax even though I feel gross. Talk to you soon.

  2. That is such a Typical Jody Face picture there at the bottom... I miss you... what's the word..? shmoopsy.? haha. good times.