Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 7

I really need to think of a more interesting name for my titles, but oh well.

Today was the last day of our first workshop and WHAT A DAY! We started off reviewing again what we had talked about yesterday and I was impressed with what they all remembered. Of course they also remembered that today was the da that we were going to call companies to try and get interviews and man could you cut the tension with a knife. Nobody was looking at anybody and everyone was really nervous. As Hermano Nunez was handing out the phonebooks, he looked at me and said ´You are going to call a company called Tronwell here in Santiago´I guess I had kind of assumed that I was void of that part of the workshop so my stomach started to turn a little bit but I knew that if I made a big fuss about it everyone else would not want to make their phone calls either, so I took one for the team, smiled and said ´Great!´

Well it comes to me and I am really nervous but I just go for it. I didn´t get to talk to the person I needed to to actually get an interview, but I got the number of the person, their name and what time they were available. It was really easy once I had done it and everyone was shocked! It was neat to see the phone calls after that and see them all leave the workshop so much better than when they come in. I really hope that I can help them do that next week, seeing as though we actually start TEACHING! BAH! I´m nervous, but I´m sure we´ll do fine.

This is everyone that completed our first workshop. We already know one of them has found a job, so we are really excited to hear about everyone else´s success! We have a bell in the office that we ring every time someone finds work!

After the workshop I went straight home to do homework which consisted of a lot of reading and what not. I am keeping up on the elections that are coming here in Chile this November. They have the primaries in March and it is really interesting how they do all this. Instead of having one candidate from each party (there are 7 that I have counted thus far) in the final election, they have the primary where the candidate from each party runs. The two candidates that win over the others in the primary go on to the final election. It has been pretty heated from what I can tell, and from what I remember, we won´t go out the day of primaries because it was pretty dangerous from what I remember.

After that we went to the temple and met up with a friend of mine from the mission Elder Bello (or Nacho since he isn´t a missionary any more) We went through a session in spanish which was cool because I paid attention to a lot of different things because of the language. As we got into the celestial room their was a couple that was going through for the first time to get sealed on Saturday. It was the most beautiful thing to see their little family (Mother, father, daughter and future husband) all huddled together crying in the temple. I decided to get married after that. Ha ha! It was really great though. Nacho walked us to the metro where he got on and we went to grab some food for the apartment before heading home.

This is the temple in Santiago! So pretty!

I love how every day has a new lesson for me here. It really is a lot like the mission in that respect. Tomorrow is my day off! Woo Hoo!


  1. So Jody, are YOU getting or job there or teaching others how to get a job? :)

  2. Dad the answer is...yes :) It was just an example!