Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 5

Today was another amazing day! I got up at six with the intent to go running, but of course it was dark outside and being the lazy bum that I am I went back to bed. Ha! I´ll get to it eventually, I just need to find a safe time and place to go running, so we´ll see how that works.

We had the first day of our first workshop today, but we didn´t teach it because Hermano Nunez wanted us to get a bit of a feel for how he wanted the workshop to be done as well as get down some facts and figures and words that are more specific to Chile. He claims that people don´t respond well to the goofy applauds that we learned how to do in training, but Sarah and I still want to try it out once or twice so that we know if its just because he thinks they are nerdy or they really don´t work. The room we do the workshop in is tiny and Hermano uses the old visual aids because the room is so long and they are looking pretty ragged so we are going to probably make some new ones and get them laminated so that they can always have them. There were 15 people in the workshop and they said that was normal, so we are excited to have a lot of alumnos. We have a lot of ideas for games and what not and there they even provide food like in training!

The workshop went really well. We still have two days and we´ll see how many show up again, but we are excited for it all!

We got a cell phone down here so that we can be gotten ahold of. If you want it let me know. Tonight we got together with Hermana Santana from my mission, her husband and their baby girl. She is so great and will probably be attending our workshop in the next couple of weeks because she and her husband are both applying for the Perpetual Education Fund. I hope they get it because she is amazingly smart. She taught her self to speak perfect English in the mission.

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  1. Hey, don't feel bad for not waking up to go running...I didn't have much of an excuse, since we had a "gym" of sorts on the first floor of our apartment building, and the earliest of the 3 or 4 times that I actually did work out down there was around 8! I'm going to the Employment Center tomorrow here in Provo to get a job......I'll be thinking of you all teaching what I'm gonna be applying!