Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 8 and my 1st day off!


So today was really nice. Sarah still had to go into the office because she has to work 40 hours a week since she isn´t taking any classes. I got up and we said prayers before she left then I went on a really nice run through a part near our house. It was funny because I knew that the men were saying things to me, but because I was wearing headphones, I didn´t hear them! The joys of not being a missionary! Ha ha! It was really nice to get out and run.

After that I emailed some homework to some professors and then read by the pool that we discovered on top of our building! It is not much bigger than a hot tub, but it has cold water and really, I don´t want to go swimming, just get wet enough to cool down and continue reading! I am living the life I tell you! I started reading Altazor today (its a series of poems written by a Chilean poet Vincente Huidobro) and I didn´t think I was going to like it, but I really do. So I am excited to continue!

Then I met up with my old companion Andrea Mercado. She is crazier then I remember her being. I love her so much! Eliaser came by too and when Sarah got home we went to do some exploring. I found this ring that I have wanted forever! I am really excited about it. It is kind of a thicker ring and it has a map of Chile that rolls all the way around it. It is seriously so cool. We didn´t bring any money with us because we were headed to a little bit more shifty part of town and we didn´t want to have anything that could be stolen with us, but we are going back to get stuff for sure!
Andrea and I.

We went to Eliaser´s house because it was his mom´s birthday and we got to be there and meet them and participate. It was really cool to meet their family and just hang out. We left there around 11:15, and in metro we could have been home by 11:30, but the metros (subways) stop running at 11, so we had to take a bus which takes about an hour! Eliaser and his friend Rodrigo (Yo yo is what everyone calls him) took us home just to make sure we got there alright.

Eliaser´s mom when she came home and we surprised her. They love that here. We turned off all the lights and Eliaser had told her that we weren´t going to come, so when she walked in we turned on the lights and started singingThis is Sarah with the cake. She kept telling us that she was turning 54, but she was born in 1954 so we kept trying to explain it. It was really funny.

Did I mention that I found a husband here? No not the old man, that is Eliaser´s dad, but this is his nephew. He´s only a year and a half years old, but I´m pretty much gonna marry him.


  1. Girl I am so jealous of you laying by your baby pool and reading. Can I tell you that my best summer was our summer at the Riv where we laid by the pool every Saturday? That was the best. Sounds like you are having a blast!!! I miss you!

  2. Love that you are blogging this!!!! I can't wait to have some free time to go back and read all your posts so far. Looks like everything is going great. Completely random, but I have a friend from Minnesota who happened to go to Chile at the same time for a class. I am thinking it is through BYU, too. If you meet a Nell Hegdahl (she went to Santiago-are you there?) she was a great friend of mine from Minnesota. I can't wait to keep reading your happenings. Love your husband, but if you are going for that young, I'd LOVE to be your mother-in-law!

  3. NELL IS IN OUR WARD! We met her in the temple last week. CRAZY!!