Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saturday is a special day...

Its a day where I get to do whatever I want! Ha ha, it was a great day, pretty chill. I woke up and went running again which was so nice. It was cloudy, but I was still so hot running, so I ran through the sprinklers as I went to cool off. yeah I am so cool like that! I really like running, it gives me time to think and reflect and kind of regroup my thoughts and whatnot. It is a great time.

I did homework and then we went to the office for a bit to use the internet and so that I could send my homework. I tried skyping, but I am a dunce I guess and couldn't get it to work. Plus with the time difference from Alaska to Chile, I'm never online when other people are online...Lame.

We went to a fireside that the missionaries were putting on. It was really cool to be on the other side of activities like that and meet their investigators and help them feel comfortable in the church and all. I am excited to see them at church tomorrow and be that girl that says hello and helps them feel welcome. Ba ha ha I love missionary work. Tomorrow the missionaries find out about transfers and even though I have only been in this ward two weeks, I really love these missionaries. I will be sad if any of them leave.

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