Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Taller Day 1

Oh man...What an experience today was...

When we got in this morning the first thing we did was get everything ready for the workshop (Taller in spanish) I was so nervous I couldn´t really speak. We had 11 people start out with, two were from Columbia, two were from Haiti (yeah you know, people that speak neither spanish or english, they spoke french...) two ladies from Peru (who came in about 2 hours late) and then three chilean return missionaries that are trying to get the Perpetual Education Fund (you have to take the class to get accepted into the perpetual education program) two chilean men (one educated, one not) and a non member girl who just graduated from College. WHAT A MIX! We were really excited and kind of zoomed through the first part and then realized that we were going way to fast for everyone so we slowed it down, but by that time we had kind of lost a few people along the way. We had 4 of our attendees have to leave early for work, so by the end of the workshop we were down to eight people. Needless to say we were a little discouraged after that.

We talked with Hermano Nunez and he reassured us that with time it would all get worked out. I didn´t feel that much better buy I understood his intent.

I went home to do homework after that and ended up falling asleep until Sarah got home. We had planned on hanging out with Nacho and had decided to meet up at 6. Much to our surprise the cell phone rang at 5:30 and it was Nacho wanting to know where we were. I guess I should explain that there is a guy that used to work in the center that came in on Monday and asked which one of us served in Chile. When I told him it was me, he said that he had been talking to Nacho (who is in his ward) and that I should be careful because Nacho really wanted to get to the U.S. any way he could. Well I was less than thrilled to hang out with him after that and Sarah and I started noticing things that were really weird. We went bowling and then went to see Madagascar 2 (which is HILARIOUS by the way) and then he tried to commit us to going dancing with him on Friday. Bah. Sarah and I talked about how frustrating it was later to have to deal with stuff like that. (We should be missionaries again, then we wouldn´t have to!!)

We were quite proud of ourselves though because we took the metro back home all by our selves! I know, two 20 somethings were able to do it. Woo hoo!

We planned a little differently for tomorrow, so we are hoping it all works out better....

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  1. It's funny how the whole South American "snake" phenomenon can work both ways, isn't it? Remember Andrew's account of his admirer Racquel in Paraguay? She thought all American men actually had goals and were all successful....right....