Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hate to see them go...

Here is our group from this week! Sarah, David, Iris, Renato, Yerco, Andres, Walter, Herman and Me

It was hard to say goodbye today! I know I know how silly, but it was a really fun group and we did a lot of really fun things with this group. They seemed to get the workshop so much more clearly than the other group so it was a fun time by all. This morning was kind of a different experience because Sarah was really sick last night and decided to stay home, so I was teaching by myself. It wasn´t as easy as I thought it would be more than anything because I felt like something was missing, but it was still fun. We worked this morning on turning weaknesses into strengths and I actually had a lot of fun teaching this principle to them. Yesterday someone had answered to this question in a mock interview that their biggest weakness was waking up on time. We talked about the kinds of weaknesses you should admit, and ones that you really should never ever say in an interview (ie: sleep) Then we had a lot of fun practicing turning weaknesses into strengths. They were all SO SMART that they caught on right quick and had wonderful answers.

Then it came time for the dreaded phone calls. We had a few tiny successes including a contact of a reference that ended in a job interview, but nothing to extrodinary. Renato (the only non member) had a bit of a hard time, but we practiced and he ended up getting directly to who we call ´The decision maker´which is the idea. It was a good time by all and it seemed to just flow. Sarah came in about this time and we finished the taller so strong. I felt so good about it! At the very end we asked for a volunteer for the closing prayer and Renato volunteered to do it, but he didn´t know how, so we taught him and he said the most beautiful things. The spirit was really strong and we invited him to a dance tomorrow night. I´m excited for him to make more member friends and hopefully join the church! All week our workshop members were so good about explaining to him about our church, about missions and what not, so we have high hopes for him!

In case you haven´t noticed...I really love it here.

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  1. Is that Andres Cornejo by chance (in the blue shirt)!? He looks exactly like a kid in one of my areas.