Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Taller take 2

Before I get to the post here are some pictures from my birthday for your enjoyment. :)

This is a book I have to read for one of my classes, but the cover has a pretty risque picture on it, so I had to make it its own new cover so that I could read it in down time at the office.
This is what I put on the back so that no one would pick it up and try to read it.

This is the view from the window in the room we teach. Santiago is beautiful!

Preparing for the birthday feast!

This is Hermana Lily cutting up the cake...
Hermano Nunez, Sarah and Hermana Lily gettin ready!
Me and Sarah in our teachin room.
Hermano Nunez and Hermana Lily again, he is always laughing because he is the only male in our office and he always seems to walk in on our ´Girl Talk´. Sarah is engaged so we always seem to be talking about weddings.
This is the infamous piece of cake that fell on the floor.

Here I am with Hermana Lily and our matching shoes.

The next few shots are scenes from the birthday party.

Clearly it wasn´t that much fun since people were texting...:) Just kidding we were all getting eachother´s number so that we could get together on Friday. The girl in this picture is my companion Hermana Sepulveda. It was sweet to see her!

This is Lautauro, he was in our Taller last week! We were stoked they came!

This is Jose, he´s another one of our buddies from the taller.
Okay now that that is out of the way, I can talk about the workshop we started today! We were really nervous at first because when we started we only had two people. We had made calls yesterday to confirm who was coming and who wasn´t and we had 10 actual confirmed people, so we were a little confused as to why no one was there. Slowly but surely we had people trickle in and we ended up with a group of 8 for this weeks workshop. They are awesome! We aren´t sure if it is just because we are a bit more used to teaching, or because the group is a bit younger and energetic, but today was so great! From the get go we were spending a lot more time explaining things and they were having fun and all working together. We spent a lot more time practicing as well this week which we saw helped them a lot more. They all laughed at first when we started having them practice with the wall, but then they saw how important it was to start out like that and they were really getting into it.
We played a game with them to help teach them a few principles about networking. It was a modified version of ´Big Booty´but we called it ´Jefe Jefe´ (which means Boss boss) The game consists of keeping the rythm of the game and trying to trick people into messing up and the idea is to become the ´Jefe´. Well let me tell you they LOVED it! (Thanks Nicole and Juliann for thinking it up, we have a game in th e works for the second day, and once we perfect it we will let you know!) After we played the game we asked them what they learned as far as networking is concerned. THEY WERE SO AMAZING! They absolutely understood the principles and some of their feedback was so great. We are just loving this group.
After the workshop I had an opportunity to interview our manager for another class I´m taking about his other profession which is Law. It was really intersting to hear him talk about why he studied law and the doors it has opened up for him. It takes 8 years to get your law degree and be able to actually practice law here! It was cool to see him just absolutely light up talking about why he had chosen to study it and the positives. It was pretty neat.


  1. I am so glad this week has started off so well. Great bday pics!

  2. happy birthday! i hope it was great! i just love looking at yours and sarah's pics!