Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another post without pictures

I have been to lazy to compress some picture files to put them up here, but I promise a great big post with a ton of pictures on Monday.

Thursday was our last day of the workshop, and we have just had the best luck with our alumnos the last few weeks. Patricia, the really negative lady, walked in on Thursday to tell us that she had found a job and she started work Monday. I really have no way to describe to you what it feels like to hear that, but I love it and I hope we keep up our streak of at least one every week. Even though this week`s group was really chill, I was so proud of them on Thursday. We got to the part where they were all going to make their own calls and none of them tried to chicken out. In fact, all of them made at least two calls. It was AWESOME! And the cool thing was they all had some good results including an interview. When we finished up the workshop it was so great to hug them all and just see how excited they were. I am helping one of them translate his resume into english. He is pretty fluent, and he needs it for future job interviews. (He is an engineer)

Thursday night we helped the sister missionaries again. Yeah I know twice in one week is kinda out of countrol, but they needed help so we came. I got to share my testimony of my mission. I think Hermana Webber just likes making me cry. :) Either way it reminded me of how important that time was for me. They were 19 very hard months, but I have never grown as much or felt as close to my savior, and that was worth every tear.

Yesterday I went running and made it to the 4.5k mark (and it is about 1k from my house) so I felt pretty good. I didn´t sleep very well the night before and it affected my running. I was not feeling quite so powerful :) but I did it and that is what counts. I am getting closer and closer to the top every day. I think it is 8k total, so I should make it before I leave if I keep going like I´m going.

I went to the temple with Juanjo and Sebastian in the afternoon. I have never gone to the temple with friends before, so it was kinda of different, but it was pretty cool. A lot of really little things stood out to me that were really cool. I love the feeling I get every time I walk into the Celestial Room, especially after a session in spanish. I don`t know how to describe it, but its like coming home after being away for a long time, or finally realizing that you have been able to overcome a huge trial and a huge burden is lifted off of your shoulders. I love it.

I went to this party last night with some friends from the ward. It was supposedly gonna be the biggest part we had ever seen...Aparently they don`t know what parties are like in the states. It was fun, the music was lame so dancing wasn`t all that exciting, but I`m glad I went.

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