Thursday, February 5, 2009

I´m just a love machine, and I won´t work for nobody but you!

This post has nothing to do with the title, I am just running out of creative titles. That happened on my mission too, and after a while I would just put whatever song was playing in the internet cafe on my email title. Sometimes it was random, sometimes it made sense. Either way it was fun!

Today was day two of the workshop. Despite the continued random interruptions of our assistant manager which absolutely throw off our flow, it was another good day. Everyone came dressed up and they just looked so great. I seriously love day two because its when you start to see the changes in them. Yesterday they all committed to doing a certain number of contacts and looking for references and what not and a few had some pretty awesome experiences. We started off talking about that and then jumped right into interviews. We changed the interviews up a little bit and had everyone give commentary on each interview which I think worked out really well. We have some awesome people this week and it has been great. Sarah and I were so close to getting all the way through what we wanted to do. Next week is the week where we will do it!

We started off this workshop a little differently than we have in the past few weeks letting them know that our ulitmate goal was to have each of them make phone calls to companies to get more information and hopefully be able to solicite an interview. I think it has helped them focus better and pay more attention because they realize that these aren´t just obscure concepts, they are things that they will be putting into practice. With every week our teaching is getting better and we are finding little tools here and there to help out teaching become more clear.

I finished my D & C class today! It is nice to be done and it gives me that much more time for my other classes. I am trying to get a few projects done for one of my other classes too. Balancing time is always difficult. I have read a majority of the books for one of my classes, but I have a lot left to read for my Chilean poetry class still. My work is never done!

We went with the sister missionaries tonight like every Wednesday. The sister I was with was having me do contacts in the street which feels so weird since I´m not a missionary. We had some cool experiences. We gave them Daniella´s information tonight so I am hoping that Daniella hears from them soon.

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