Thursday, February 26, 2009

Then there were six

So yesterday we started out with seven people in our workshop, then Hermano Alfaro our assistant manager escorted two teenage girls in. They were obviously not there by choice and giggled throughout the whole day. Needless to say they didn´t come back today, which we weren´t all that sad about, but we did lose an older man that was looking for work Herman, so I am sad about that. We are left with all PEF students, which is an ABSOLUTELY new experience for us. You would think that them all being younger, the activities would be more interactive and they would all have a great time, but we are finding that the small group makes for a lot quieter of an experience. Sarah and I were talking about it and we find we are kind of comparing our groups to each other which probably isn´t the best idea...

Our mock interviews went pretty well today, Hermano Alfaro was there for the whole experience adding questions of his own which completely elongated the process, but we have come to grips with the fact that since he normally teaches the workshop, he has nothing better to do and so he pops in and out. He is having withdrawls. He says things sometimes though that drive me nuts, like today when he explained to our workshop that we were doing an internship so he had to come in and see what we were doing and then told us things we needed to improve IN FRONT OF OUR CLASS! That is an educational no no, but at this point, Sarah and I are just learning to shrug it off. We had a lot of fun with our mock phone calls and they started to liven up a bit after that. One thing that I really like about this group is that although they aren´t really excited about the process, they ask a lot of questions which makes it easier for us to lead discussions and what not.

I wrote another paper after the workshop. I have four more for one of my classes and then it is over. I am proud!

After work, Sarah and I decided to go out to dinner at this restraunt near our house that hs typical Chilean food. We had to sneak in because we are friends with all of the guys that work at all the restraunts around our house who try and get people to eat there. It was actually kind of funny. We went to the store, and then turned around and came back and slipped in. Sarah had Pastel de Choclo, which looked so good and I kinda wish I had ordered, and I just had this really good juicy chicken dish with veggies and mashed potatoes. While there, we watched the Universidad Catolica get creamed by O´Higgins Institute in soccer. It felt like a real latin American experience. Our waiter wanted to speak in english, so we did a mix with him, but he called Sarah´s corn casarole a corn pie. When I said that casarole was a more appropriate word, he got a little offended. :)

We left the restraunt and were headed home when this one garzon from one of the restraunts (his name is Christian) stopped us and asked us how the food was. We felt kind of bad. ha ha we totally got caught. But oh well, I guess it serves us right for eating so close to home!

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