Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some pictures

Because your life couldn't go on without it, here are some more pictures and hopefully some videos will come later....

Lautaro listening to his dad play the guitar.

Lautaro bothering me while I jammed on the guitar.

Martin and Lautaro. Martin has the coolest voice ever!

This is a party we went to last weekend with some friends from the mission and others we met there. These are two elders from the mission, Valverde (the one playing guitar) and Pena.

This is Boris Yanez, we finished the mission together.

Felipe Osorio, he was my Zone Leader in Puerto Varas.

Sarah and an elder from her mission, small world!

Me and a sister from my mission, she got there after I left and right now I cannot remember her name, but she is coming to Utah in August to study english, so I am excited to be her friend!

Typical me, where there is a guitar, I am also.

And the girls again, the other girl with Sarah will also be going to BYU in August.

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