Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How Come Nobody Ever Writes A Song About Tuesdays?

It´s not that bad of a day...Someone should really write one.

Today started off another week for us in the workshop. We only had eight people confirmed, which is always a little nerve wracking, but they all showed up so we were pleased. This group is VERY different from last week´s group. We have quite a few Perpetual Education Fund participants (it is required to receive the PEF) so you would think that it would be a very lively bunch, but it is quite the opposite. We had one participat who was quite the enthusiastic one, but he was only going to be there today because he works and could only get out of work one day to come (he is one of the PEF students). Our assistant manager told us to just let him take it the one day and to count him as being their all three...I´m not sure if that would have flown if our manager was here, but since he is on vacation, I guess there isn´t much we can do.

Sarah and I were talking later on about how different our managers are. Hermano Alfaro (the assistant manager) is a very charismatic person and you can tell he goes out of his way to accomidate people, but I´m not sure if that really helps them in the long run. Letting people enter the workshop two hours after we have started just teaches them that it is okay to come late, and in the end, they will keep up the same bad habits that transfer over into the workforce. I could rant for hours about this, but I´ll just stick with saying that it is difficult to teach examples if we aren´t setting them.
After the workshop I got to making some more of the visual aides that we use on the computer. By next week I want to have them printed off, blown up, and laminated so that we can use them and the center can use them after we leave as well. The ones that we are using right now are falling apart and I think in a few more weeks will probably die if we don´t do something else.
I wrote two and a half papers tonight! I am very close to finishing two more classes and then I am just left with my reasearch paper that I will write in the two weeks I have in Utah before heading back to Alaska for the summer. I am really proud of how diligent I have been in homework. It isn´t easy, and last night I did not want to do it, but as I started writing both papers I realized just how easy they were, so I feel great about it! Tomorrow I am going to write one more and finish the half of one which leaves me with just one paper left to write for my cultural proofs class. It will be nice to just have reading left to do while I am here.
I went running tonight. It was a short run because I was tired and it was getting dark, it was definately a struggle getting through, but it was nice to just do it. I hate running, but I love how I feel when I get done!

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