Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stop me oh oh oh stop me

Another week, another workshop to begin! We were very surprised when 11 of the 14 confirmed showed up this morning. Each week, we sign people up as they come in the center. The maximum we can have is 20 and each week we have between 15 and 23 people signed up. On Mondays we call everyone that has signed up and verify that they are coming. Each week of those 15-23 we will get around 14 confirmed, and the last three weeks of those 14 only 8 have shown up. So to have 11 alumnos was awesome! We have some recently returned missionaries from the greatest mission on earth (La Gran Mision Chile Osorno) three non members (including another of our Hatian friends) a few other members and this man that will have been a member a year in March (also he was married the day before he was baptised, so cool!) Sarah and I were talking yesterday about how priviledged we have been to get to know some pretty amazing people during our time here. All of these faith filled members have shown up in our workshop and we have had t he opportunity of being the next step in their conversion process showing them that the church truly does care about every aspect of your life. It is so great to be here!

After the workshop I gave myself the project of cleaning out the room where we teach. We have a big closet that was just FULL of junk. Old telephones, old manuals for a workshop that doesn´t even exist anymore, all sorts of garbage! So I spent the last portion of my day cleaning that out in order to get some boxes which are stacked along the edges of the room unpacked and into the closet. My goal is to get all of those boxes out by the time we leave so that they have more room to work with when we are gone. I am such a McCarrey. Tomorrow my project is to type up all the visual aides we use and then print them off so we can go to a place and have them blown up and laminated. The ones we are using now are all tearing at the edges, so I figure if I can get them all typed up and laminated, the center can use them for years to come. That´s my plan anyways.

I did homework tonight and went on a run. I didn´t go to the hill because I was tired, so I ran through the park. Its been a couple of days since I have run there, and it was a lot easier for me than it had been before I discovered the hill. I got home feeling wonderful about life. :) I am learning that the more I push myself, the easier it is for me to build strength. How true that is in life in general. As we push ourselves and stretch ourselves little by little, we will find our abilities increasing, our walls breaking down, and us becoming the more perfected selves we are trying to become. I have been reading conference talks every day from the last conference, and I was impressed by Elder Christofferson´s talk on coming to Zion. The part that most called my attention was becoming unified. He talked about first becoming unified within ourselves with the Savior, and then once we had done that, to strive to be unified with those around us, lifting them up and ourselves along with them. He also talked about how becoming Zion meant more than just being a little bit better than everyone else (a.k.a the world) it meant becoming a righteous people, a perfected people. As I come to meet these wonderful people here I realize that though I have been a member all my life, I have a long way to go to match the kind of faith that they have and that the Lord requires.

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