Thursday, February 19, 2009

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We started off the second day of the workshop with interviews as normal. I fell like this week, this activity was much more useful than it has been in the past. This particular group had a lot of things that we noticed in the tape to work on. Our assistant manager allowed another random dude to come into our class today after not being there yesterday. The guy is an engineer and has a job, but wants to broaden his employment horizon and is seeking other oportunities. Hermano Alfaro assured me that he had ´gone over the first day with him´. The man is obviously a professional and was very eloquent in his interview, but when asked to tell a little about himself, he talked for almost two minutes! Now I know that doesn´t seem like that big of a deal, but we teach in the workshop a technique called ´Me in thirty seconds´. It is an amazing tool because it teaches to say only the necesary and to highlight all of our skills and not waste time with too much useless information about our sports teams or how we love board games. Hermano Alfaro was there when we were watching it so I made a point of saying, ´I know you missed the material we talked about the first day, but when asked about yourself, you talked for almost two minutes. You should never exceed thirty seconds.´ I´m a brat, I know.

There were several members from the group that had a bit of a difficult time with the interviews and it gave us a really good starting point to get through the rest of the activities today. Power statements were fun to do with them and I loved hearing them practice. We also got through transforming our weaknesses into strengths which was a big deal for us because the second day is where we always get behind, so I was happy about that. One of our participants is a woman named Patricia, who is a fairly negative person. When we were working on power statements and transforming weaknesses into strengths, she did not understand it at all, so I sat there and helped her think of examples and what not. It was hard, but I was really glad we could get through it and though I´m still not sure she quite understands, she was able to get it done. It is a really intersting feeling getting ´down in the gutter´and helping them build themselves up. I feel sometimes like they have been told their whole lives they aren´t worth anything so we have to show them how much God truly cares about them.

After work we went and did exchanges with the sisters. It was my week to stay on the temple grounds and do tours. It is so much fun to do and it helps so much in the work here in Santiago. The sisters do such a wonderful job at creating such a calm peaceful environment and then keeping it throughout the whole tour. I got to teach a few principles about the church including missionary work, the activities that we do in the church, institute and then share my testimony of Christ and the Book of Mormon. At the end of each tour they watch a 4 minute video about Christ´s ministry in the Americas and then they are given some time to write down a reference and their thoughts. Hermana Webber randomly asked me if I would share my testimony, which I wasn´t expecting, but I had been really focusing on the eyes of the people in this movie (it has no words) and I was impressed to talk about the emotions we will go through seeing the savior again. The very last woman in the video is blind and you see Christ heal her and then she opens her eyes and sees him for the first time. Her expression is one of relief and joy and I hope that is my reaction when I see him again.

Hermana Webber and I are going to be doing a special musical number at some point, so we practiced this amazing arrangement she did of Where Can I turn For Peace. We were talking and she asked me what my plans were for after I graduated. I told her I wanted to start teaching, but go back and get a degree in music media so I could record EFY type music in spanish. She got really excited and said that she had been thinking about the same thing, so we are probably gonna start writing some stuff when she gets back. I really feel like the Lord is guiding me in this. I have thought about it a lot and after talking with her I knew that that was one of the reasons I needed to be here. Lovin it.

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