Friday, February 6, 2009

This is starting to get hard!

Here is this week's group. Sarah, Fabian, Jose, Leo, Fabrizio, Nikens, Me, Daniella, Maria, Yanet.

Have I mentioned how hard it gets to see our classes go on Thursdays? Because the more I love these people, the harder it is for me to say goodbye and send them on their way. This week I felt like our group got to be really good friends with eachother, which I think had a little to do with the fact that we told them thats what we wanted from them at the beginning of the class. They were getting references from eachother and really helping eachother out in every way. Daniella, the girl that isn't a member, even sent out an email to all of us with a few other typical interview questions so that everyone could practice. I just love it here!

Today was a wonderful day as well. The first person to come in was Jose, who is the young men's president in his ward and has been without work for about 2 months. We knew that he had had an interview yesterday so the first thing we asked was how it went. You should have SEEN his face light up and tell us about his interview. When he shared his story with the rest of the class, and then went to ring our bell (which is what we do when people find work around here) it was the greatest thing on the planet. I wanted to laugh and cry and just hug him to death. We were able to get through most of the third part yesterday, so we only had a little bit to go over before we started with the phone calls. We had some cool experiences with the phone calls including a job interview on a cold call which of course always makes us happy! This week at the end of the class a few of our class members took the time to thank us and say some pretty awesome things which made me feel really good about life. This RM Fabrizio took us aside and told us that we still taught and seemed like missionaries and then told us about this quote by Elder Bowen that says we should never stop being our missionary selves. That made me really happy.

Tonight was an adventure! We climbed up the hill San Cristobal. Lautaro and Juanjo took us all over the place and I almost slid down a part of it, but it was fun and I got some amazing pictures of the sunset. So of course, here is a ridiculous amount of pictures for your viewing pleasure.

This is this really cool fountain I found. I am trying to get some cool angle pictures in,so this is me messing with the camera.

These are the plates of wood...Another testament of my travels ha ha!

Sarah, Me, Lautaro and Juanjo by the fountain!

This is a statue to the Boy Scouts of Chile, but right now it just the boys of Chile. Ha ha so clever!

Juanjo just loved my sun glasses.

Its always a party with us!

Sarah in deep thought.

I was trying to get Lautaro in deep thought but he looked over at the last minute.


I don't know why I like this picture so much but I do.

Lautaro being the boy that he is and climbing out on ledges, don't worry, we didn't follow!

Juanjo and Sarah

Another view of Santiago. I am getting good with my camera eh?

Me and my one handed photography

The sun dipping down.

Evolution of a sunset.

Lautaro and I.
This is Lautaro totally getting in Sarah's bubble, you can see how well she is responding.

Juanjo loving being the photographer

This is Sarah trying Mote con Huesillo for the first time. It is so good! Its like puffed wheat in ice cold peach juice with dried peaches. Yum!

And the city lights turning on with the sun dying in the west.


  1. Some of those pictures of San Cristobal hill remind me a lot of southern California, especially the ones looking out on the city. We had a couple of places like that in our mission. And that drink that Sara's drinking--I've never heard of that but that does sound really good. Have you ever had terrere, mate, or horchata? Terrere's Paraguayan....and horchata--well, you may have tried it here in the U.S. before.

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