Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl In Chile...

I can't even begin to describe how much fun we had today. Our ward normally does YSA Family Home Evenings, but the last two weeks there has been other stuff going on so they haven't had any. Today was the first one and we are SO GLAD we went. We FINALLY have been able to make a few more friends in our ward and are starting to feel like we have a friend group. This weekend has just been a total success! FHE was short, but fun and we would have stayed longer, but our friend from the ward invited us over to his apartment to watch the Super Bowl. Todd (our friend) is from Hawaii (kind of) and just quit his job to travel, but then got a job down here in Chile. He was originally called to Spain on his mission, but couldn't get a visa so he never really spoke spanish where he served. He is doing pretty well and has been here for four months.

So like many Americans and now that I think of it most of the world, we watched the superbowl...It started at 8 pm and went till a little after midnight. It was odd being one of two females in the room and being one of the few who actually knew what was going on and how the game was played. We got to know a lot of the YSA's from our ward and we left feeling really good about life. Here are some pictures from the super bowl party, the beach in Vina, and the Cerro Santa Lucia where I went on Friday. I'm lovin this!


These are our friends Eduardo and Eduardo singing We Are the Champions...THEY ARE HILARIOUS!!

This is Sarah, Lautauro and I in the back seat on our way home from the YSA dance

This is Todd who had the Super Bowl Party at his house...We are going to be over there a lot since there is WAY more room there than at our place.

Some of the guys during the game, a few of them were in to it, the rest of them were just there for the food.

Some more of us watching the game. I was rooting for the Steelers and I was one of about three, so I felt pretty good when we won...Ha ha!

A different perspective, it had SUCH COOL architecture.

A close up of some of the coolness.

This is Lautauro on top of a bajillion year old cannon. They let a cannon off every day at is REALLY loud.

This picture looks extremely intimate, but I assure you it is nothing of the sort. This is Lautauro and I at the top of the tallest tower on the hill. It was so cool!

So I forgot to mention that I fulfilled a dream in going to Vina because ever since my mission I have wanted to ride on top of a double decker bus, and we got to! Ha ha I am so cool. This is me bored on the bus taking random pictures.

But we didn't let it get us down and we went to the beach anyways! This is Sarah, Nell and I.

My feet in the sand. You can kind of see that it has a bit of black in it from the Volcanoes.

This is us walkin the board walk along the ocean in Vina. I am an amazing get everyone in the picture with my arm photographer. I do weddings.

The beach which we should have come to since we didn't actually get in the water. (it wasn't 'apt' for swimming because of the rocks)

Pictures of the vineyards in Vina (which means vineyard) take from the bus window.
This picture is for you dad. It says 'The parties of the rich are the debts of the poor.' I thought you might like it :)


  1. So cool that Nell is in your pictures. She was my first visiting teaching companion when I came back to church about 8 years ago! Looks like you are having a blast. You and all the guys. Nothing new!!! Love ya.

  2. How'd you even get the Super Bowl on TV down there? That's cool, though--we just had BBC America to keep us up to date on American news, which usually didn't include American football....very sad...

  3. Kristina, you know me :) I am glad that we are here because I really don´t know what NEll would do without us!

    Dan, I have no clue, you would have to ask Todd who actually had it...He is kinda rich, so I´m not surprised. I actually hadn´t watched tv until yesterday...I have NO CLUE what is going on in AMerica...

  4. Jody Jody Jody!!!!! I seriously loved every single picture. I am SO jealous! Beach?? Common I am freezing here and am pale as I get. I wish I could come visit you for a quick get away. I love you and miss you!!!!