Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I promise!

After the workshop today I will post some pictures, but I wanted to share with you a really neat experience I had on Sunday. Sister Webber, the american sister serving in our ward, and I had planned on singing for a devotional that was Sunday night, so before church she was showing me some music she had. She sang for me a song that I had never heard before that just brought me to tears. It is from the Women of Destiny series and the words are so beautiful.

The Child* I Was Before

I was there when the Father laid the pl an before our eyes
When Jesus stood saying I will go and the glory shall be t hine
I´m sure I raised a shout of joy for all that was instore
Heaven help me to recall the child I was before.

Through the dispensations I was held in reserve
The memory of my life with God forgotten at my birth
The way this world defines my worth leaves me searchin gor
The spirit´s voice to remind me of the child I was beofre

I was there among the noble when we had so much to lose
Fought one who wished to take away God´s precious gift to choose
Courageous and determined, faithful to the end
The child I was before knows the child I´ve always been

So I am called out of the world to help His children see
There is so much more than meets the eye to our true identity
And if we listen we will hear the voice of the Lord
Reminding us of the faith and strength of the children we were before

The child i am, the child i´ll be forever more
Will be stronger by knowing the child I was before.

When I heard those words tears just came to my eyes and I just felt like it was so true. I know that is something really small and not this huge spiritual manifestation, but it was really neat for me. I love the gospel so much. It is such a blessing in my life!

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