Monday, February 9, 2009

Its a great day to be alive!

This weekend was a lot of fun fun fun! Friday I did homework all day which is just so much fun. Diligence is not one of my strong suits, but I am working on getting it all done before my dad gets here because the last thing I want to do is have homework to do while visiting the mission. Friday afternoon I went to Lautaro´s house for a bit. He was leaving for Punta Arenas so I wanted to stop by and say goodbye. His dad was there and when he found out I played guitar we pulled it out and started jamming. I have a video I want to upload on here of him playing. He is an amazing guitar player and has an excellent voice. It was so fun to just hang out with a ´typical chilean family´. His dad was so nice and taught me a song that he expects me to have perfected by the time Lautaro gets back from Punta Arenas. I´m a little nervous. I have a video of him singing, I will post it soon.

When I got home, Sarah and I ventured off to a party that a friend of mine from the mission was having. It was a bit of trouble getting there. (We got on 3 different buses that told us we were on the wrong bus and we had to change buses) It was so fun though! We met some more friends that we are hoping to hang out with including two girls that just got back from serving in Osorno (where I served) that are going to be in BYU in August to study English. I am excited to help them out up there! The party itself was so fun, but so different from american parties. We played guitar and danced pretty much the whole time. It was fun! When it came time to leave we realized that the subways weren´t running anymore (it was...late :) so my friend Boris from the mission took us home in his car. He is awesome!

Saturday we got up at the normal time, but it felt early. :) We went to the Museum of Bellas Artes with the senior sisters that work in the employment office with us. They are such dear hearts. We had a funny experience trying to find the place. We got of the subway and we weren´t sure exactly where to go, so we stopped this very tall bulky man who was standing in front of a map. He looked at us and said ´I don´t speak spanish, I speak english.´ He was from Australia and is here in Chile working for a University...he speaks no spanish. We keep finding these people. The sisters thought he was ´in to´ us. We think they are crazy. No digits were exchanged I assure you. That night we went to Todd´s house and watched a movie. It felt strangely normal to be hanging out watching movies.

Sunday was church as usual and then Sunday night we went to Family Home Evening with a bunch of YSA´s. We played pictionary, except that we didn´t draw, it was like charades. Charades in english isn´t my strongest game, charades in spanish was worse. I tried to cheat and say things to Sarah in English really fast, but there were quite a few that understood english, so I kept getting caught. We figured out that we are going to be able to go to the big dance for the YSA conference this weekend and then to the beach with some friends from the ward, so we are really excited about that!

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